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Truth is Your Birth Right. Assert
it and Be Master of Universe. Truth
is “Tattva-Masi” - “That Thou Art” — Rama

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Swami Rama Tirtha was a Vedantin of the highest realization. Vedanta according to him is no dogma or blind faith, but the Reality of realities. It is the realization of our true Self, Sat-Chid-Anand, the state of All-Being, All Knowledge, All Bliss. Swami Rama was not only a religious teacher, but was also a fearless social reformer, and an undaunted patriot. 

This website is dedicated to disseminate the teachings of Swami Tirtha. To this end we will be making available Swami Rama's “In Woods of God-Realization” online. In Woods of God-Realization is a seven volume compilation of the complete works of Swami Rama.

Rama guarantees that anybody in this world who reads 
or hears all of Rama's speeches, would get his
doubts removed and is sure to come 
to the conviction of his own Divinity

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Rama's Clarion Call

Wanted —Reformers
    Not of others
    but of themselves,
    Who have won
    Not university distinctions,
    But victory over the local self.

Age —The youth of Divine joy.

Salary —Godhead.

Apply SharpWith no begging solicitation but commanding decision to the Director of the Universe, Your own Self.

Om! Om! Om!

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