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In Woods of God-Realization
Contents of Volume 3

Part I—Sight-seeing from the hill of Vedanta
1. Idealism and Realism Reconciled in The Light of Vedanta—I
2. Idealism and Realism Reconciled in the Light of Vedanta—II
3. Maya or the when and the why of the world?
4. When did the world begin?
5. Man, the master of his own destiny
6. After death: All religions reconciled
7. Vedanta and Hypnotism
8. Vedanta and Socialism
9. Class Lectures on Vedanta—I
10. Class Lectures on Vedanta—II
11. Class Lectures on Vedanta—III
12. Class Lectures on Vedanta—IV

Part II—Mother India
1. The Present Needs of India
2. National Dharma
3. The Problem of India
4. The future of India
5. The Ancient Spiritualism of India
6. The civilized World's Spiritual Debt of India
7. An appeal to Americans on behalf of India
8. Facts and Figures about India
9. Indian Charity
10. Indian Wifehood
11. Letters from the Himalayas
12. Rama's Letters
13. Letters from America
14. Letters from Indian Plains
15. Miscellaneous Letters
16. Rama's Poems

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